Monday, October 01, 2012

Movie reviews - September 2012


    Looper (2012)
    I'm not certain what it was, but it scared me. Perhaps it was the dark side of man, the uncertainty of the future, the power of love or the innocence of youth. Well, maybe it was the violence and power of guns. But for me, the late Friday night uptown audience was a distraction. Clapping for explosions ? Are you serious ? But I can see why it opened TIFF. I don't see how the Hollywood marketing fits. And that's the problem with time travel movies. There's always a loose end, and incongruity, an impossibility, a flaw. But after noodling the ending for a few days, it makes sense, I think. May need to see it again. KInd of Terminator meets Goodfellas with some surprisingly slower, more weighty emotions. Good plot and solid acting.
    Source Code
    Source Code (2011)
    Great premise with the expected mind bending sci-fi plot. I thought I'd written a more elegant review but either I lost it or it was in an alternate timeline ! I thought some of the capsule scenes were a little low budget, but the story held it all together. More wrinkles than my dress shirts in the dryer. Wrapped up nice and tidy.
    50/50 (2011)
    Rogan was predictably himself-funny; Kendrick was superb. Amazing how they could make a movie about cancer funny, but keep the seriousness of the disease intact.
    Juno (2007)
    Much funnier that I expected. Page lived up to the award hype, quirky and personal with some wonderful plot elements.
    Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
    Extremely intense and incredibly emotional. Brings back many feelings from 9/11. Beautifully acted with heartfelt story telling. A little slow at times, painful moments, memorable characters and great adventures to remember, but ain't that life.
    A Thousand Words
    One healthy dose of Eddie Murphy, a tasteful dash of sentimentality and the pleasant aroma of a life lesson make for a tasty in flight movie distraction.
    The Graduate
    The Graduate (1967)
    Yes, this is the first time I've even seen this classic. Superb, stylish filmmaking. Stelar performances set amongst the beautiful poetry of Simon and Garfunkel.
    Marvel's The Avengers
    Lots of super hero fire power action. If you can get into comic book mode you're In for a fun ride. Downy Jr. is the standout.

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PJMixer said...

Looper encore - much better the second time around. Time travel conundrums make more sense (excerpt the old girlfiriend) and tragedy is deeper.