Monday, October 01, 2012

Movie reviews - February 2012


    Beginners (2011)
    Great acting, but moved too slowly for me.
    The Gathering Storm
    Perfect portrayal of a great man; an important part of historical storytelling, but showing the personal side of Churchill.
    The Mechanic
    The Mechanic (2011)
    Lots of predictable Statham action but with some interesting plot variables; entertaining.
    Blue Valentine
    Brilliant acting in a deeply moving piece of filmmaking. Beautifully sad.
    Contagion (2011)
    Superb cast bring this simple story together extremely well; very scary to see the ripple effect of a severe epidemic; quite believable. Some loose ends, but food for thought. But why did they have to have Law's teeth so obtuse, surely English dental care has improved in 2011 ? Highly recommended.
    Friends With Benefits
    Lots of laughs with Kunis perhaps getting the better lines than Timberlake. Straight up predictable rom-com; but Kunis was irresistible and I'm sure some lady viewers would appreciate Mr. Timberlake's charms
    Crazy, Stupid, Love.
    Really well put together. I'm no Gosling fan and I almost gave this a miss because of him - but he was fantastic, well cast with Carrel - best rom-com in a while.

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